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Mr Puffs Day


                      •JOURNÉE MR. PUFFS DAY•

30 novembre  2018

November 30th 2018

9H30 À/TO  17H30



A kiosk will be set up on the 2nd floor near the cafeteria near the STAS office. 


Boxes will be delivered to NPS-V. Boxes will also be left over for overnight members.


L’événement est financé par le Club Social et Sécuritas.


The event is financed by the Social Club and Securitas

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Unit 9554 USW


We are proud to announce that as of the 1st of January 2016, we will be an autonomous Local !!!!

Following several months of negotiations with Local 1976 through the Steelworkers. We have reached a consensus last week.

A brief summary of past events:

2010: The presentation to the FTQ of a signed petition by more than 90% of members declaring a variety of union problems. Meetings were held between the leaders of USW representatives of the FTQ and a group of screening officers.

Following these meetings and discussions, members had to decide between remaining a unit within the Local 1976 or choose the path of union autonomy starting with the establishment of a lodge. The Steelworkers organized a special assembly regarding the issues identified by the members which was followed by a vote.

Members choose the way of autonomy as a first step with the Lodge. By attaining Lodge status, a team of executive members and delegates had to be trained. The lodge had to learn how to prepare their budget. The Lodge was approximately a six month process. Due to a change of employer in 2011, an arduous negotiation ensued for 20 months between the period of 2011 and 2013, including the dismissal of the employer’s President. The negotiations lasted longer than expected.

October 2013: Signature of a new collective agreement with STAS

December 31, 2013: The General Assembly of the members. During the assembly, the subject of autonomy was the order of the day. Following questions and discussion on the topic, a proposal was made by a member to hold a vote on independence immediately. The motion was rejected and another motion was submitted by another member. The proposal was to hold two days of voting and four weeks later to allow everyone a period of reflection and allow a greater number of members to participate in the voting. This motion was approved in the assembly.

The 27th and 28th of January 2014: The vote for autonomy was held at YUL for 2 full days supervised by scrutineers. A majority of 75% (211 votes) reaffirmed their desire to establish an autonomous local within the Steelworkers union.

January 29, 2014: An official request for the resumption of talks for the establishment of an autonomous Local. The request was sent to the Metallos Montreal Coordinator Richard Boudreault. In which Mr. Boudreault forwarded the request to the Director of District 5 (Quebec) and the Union Headquarters in Pittsburgh.


 In the Spring of 2014: The beginning of negotiations with USW and elected representatives with the establishment of the issues at hand.

August 2015: Signature of a new collective agreement with STAS

December 2015: Signature of the service contract between the Local 1976 and the unit lodge 911

January 2016: Presentation of the budget of the Local section 9554

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STAS policies on harassment and drugs and alcohol update


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Flu vaccination - Instructions 2018 MEMO EN-FR ADM 26


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rebid winter 2018 bid times list


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