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**Update Insurance


***Important Information - Naturopathic Fees***


Please note that the following naturopathic associations are not recognized by

IA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.):


-Academy of Naturopaths

-Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec


-As a result, claims for costs incurred by a supplier that is a member of

These associations are refused. Exception during transition period

To enable a smooth transition, iA Financial Group will, on a

Exceptional, to reimburse naturopathic expenses incurred until 31 December 2016


-From a supplier affiliated to one of the aforementioned associations. These claims

Must be received by iA Financial Group before January 15, 2017 to

Of this grace period. Effective January 1, 2017


Effective January 1, 2017, claims received from suppliers

Belonging to one of the associations not recognized above will no longer be eligible for

Reimbursement, unless it concerns claims for expenses incurred up to 31

December 2016 and that these applications be received at iA Financial Group before January 15



****Questions and issues contact Josee Daignault or Shann Menard 514 526-8280

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By laws version 1


-During this assembly, the executive committee will present the texts for the Local's by-laws and members will be able to join the discussion on the text. During the next assembly members will be able to once again read them and discuss them. In the 3rd assembly, members will vote on the final text and approve/reject the By-Laws.

Local By-laws are a necessary step in the establishment of any union local. The by-laws are simillar to the by-laws used in condo ownership committee. They are the rules and process by which things happen in the administration of the union. 

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Decision Arbitration


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Budget Club Social 2016


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For the winter 2017 schedule bid, we will not have access to the program iBid as was the case in previous schedule bids. However, thanks to the initiative of one of your colleague Max Morissette we will be using a similar system that will allow you to see which schedules are still available as the bid progresses.

To access the document that will change with time, use the link below:!At2IMbmjZdDuh3CTp0LzS4UWQu3R

Please note that this document is a tool designed to help you make your choice of schedule, it is not the official version of the schedule. In the event of a dispute regarding the selection of a schedule, the paper version posted in the conference room will be the official version and used to settle the dispute.

We advise you to present yourself in person to the bid.

If ever you plan on using the the link mentioned above, we recommend that you try it in advance to be sure you have properly noted the link and are comfortable with the use of the document before it is time for you to select a schedule..
Do not hesitate to communicate with us if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you

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