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Winter Schedule 2016-2017


Please take note that the winter schedule BID 2016-2017 for screening officers (FT-PT) will take place October 31st, November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th, 2016 The new schedule will take place on: November 18th, 2016 4 minutes will be given to each screening officer in order to make their schedule choice. Once the 4 minutes have gone by, we will go to the next screening officer even though you have not finished your choice.

The BID will take place in the conference room of the scheduling department (local T.3.955, 2nd floor, Tel.: (514) 636-9517). In the meantime, you can refer to the attached document for your appointment.


*RRQ: places per day will be limited, please discuss with the HR department before choosing a schedule.

*CTX/EDX: One checkpoint day WILL NEED to be changed for (CTX/EDX) day.

*Variable: preferences (AM/PM/Night) will be offered during the BID for agents who choose a variable schedule. However schedules will be planned based on operational requirements (seniority by day off)

*New terminology: TBG (TB with Gates) (replaces Gates) agents who chose a TBG schedule will go to the TB check point and will be prioritized for Gates assignment as needed. Please note there will be status changes from part time to full time.


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*Update Insurances*



September 2016,


Since the change of insurance provider to Industrial Alliance on September 1st, 2016, you now have access to your online Client Space, which allows you to see details of your file and insurance coverage.


Many members have consulted the site and noticed that their dependants are not indicated; the insurance provider is currently in the process of updating the information shown, and the work should be completed soon. In the mean time, your dependants can still proceed with transactions at the pharmacy, and the information will be immediately registered by the pharmacist. They must simply present the payment card from Industrial Alliance that you received. This is in effect until October 31st, 2016, after which point you will need to contact your insurance plan administrator to add your dependants, if this is not already done.


In addition, during the meetings that took place on August 25-26, many of you made changes to your address etc., and some of these changes are not yet visible in the online Client Space. The insurance provider is currently updating all of the information and your profile will be up-to-date shortly.




For all additional information, please feel free to contact Charlotte Corwin at 514 526-8280  #2037.

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General Assembly 15th of September 2016


Avis de Convocation Assemblée Générale

Jeudi le 15 Septembre 2016

De 10h à 18h


Salle Roberta Bondar


*Ordre Du jour*


                                      2- Presentation 1 of 3 for acceptance of the statutes and regulations of the Local 9554 USW





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***New Insurance Info***

To all members at Montreal-Trudeau Airport

 Subject: insurer to change your group insurance plan


 Dear members,

 The binding agreement with Desjardins group plan to which you are subscribed too via your employment with STAS will end August 31, 2016 at 23h59 59s.

 TC Local 1976 and the Local 9554 invites you to begin this transition together with the new insurer of your group insurance plan for the Quebec airport region that will be Industrial Alliance.

Following a vast test of the market, Industrial Alliance has offered the best overall combination of services, financial and management, with a customer approach which will be more interesting. As of September 1st 2016, you can now make your insurance claims online!

 Thus, from September 1, 2016, Industrial Alliance will take over. In order for your new coverage with Industrial Alliance to be up to date, you must complete and sign the application form.

In order to complete the transition, representatives will be at the Montreal airport on 25 and 26 August 2016 from 8 am to 19h (location to be determined with STAS) to help you complete your forms and give you your new payment cards. If for any reason you can you be present during these 2 days, please be aware that you may at all times complete and sign the forms after August 26, 2016. The forms must be filled out before making claims to the new insurer.

 ** It is important to note that if you have claims for expenses before September 1, you must send them to Desjardins. You have until November 30, 2016 to do so!!! Any claims made after 1 September 2016 will be sent to Industrial Alliance. **

The covererages are completely identical to those of Desjardins and your personal claim history will be transferred to the new insurer. So you will not have to pay for new franchises ($ 50). In addition, coverage amounts available at the time of the change of insurer will be provided to Industrial Alliance. For example, if prior to 1 September 2016 you had used $ 800 for dental care after 1 September 2016, the balance of $ 700 will be available with the new insurer. Another example, you used $ 200 for massages, you will receive the balance of $ 150 with the new insurer. Finally, the coverage’s are renewed at 0, on the 1st of day of the new civil year.

 We ensured that no member will face any prejudices while transferring from insurer to the next.


For further information, please contact

 Josée Daigneault at : 514 526-8280 ext: 2030

Charlotte Corwin: 514-526 8280 ext: 2037

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General Assembly 4th and 5th of August


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