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i-Bid precisions


Do you know ...

To use the i-Bid, to view the disponible schedules, you don't need a user account ?

Indeed, simply select the "i-Bid" tool on the menu of your web page ""

The only part that is not available without having an account, is the portion "Taken Schedules" to see with whom you will work etc ...

For information please contact us via


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Update - New user registration


Hi everyone,

I just updated the employees list of the website, to allow the new employees to register themselves. Please try again to register yourself and in case of errors, please contact me via


The email system was paralyzed because of a recent update by the host server, the problem has been solved, for all those who tried to change their passwords or tried to register, please check your email, you should have received an email with instructions.

Thank you


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Considering that the last bargaining sessions took place over a period of over 18 months, the parties wish that the next rounds of bargaining for the renewal of the collective agreement are conducted quickly and smoothly.

In this context, STAS contacted the Union to begin negotiations before the date specified in the collective agreement.

We wish to remind you that it is essential that you complete the document given to you to allow the bargaining committee to work on your requests. We invite you to return your survey completed as soon as possible, by fax at (514) 526-0537, or via email at: or or directly to one of your unit-lodge 911 union representatives.

Thank you for your cooperation,

In solidarity

Unit-lodge 911 and
Local 1976

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Happy new year 2014



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Password Reset Problems on Apple Products


I was told that Apple's products prevented the script of the reset password to reveal the "Sent" button when safety criteria are met.

I am aware of the situation and I should work on it on Monday at work.

Thank you for letting me having it reported.

Dominic Varin
eMail :

Author : Dominic Varin
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