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Bid - Summer Schedules 2015 - Meeting times


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2015-2016 vacation BID


Please take note that the annual vacation BID of 2015-2016 for screening officers SO, SCC & SCT will be held March 17, 18, 19, 20, 23 and 24th 2015. 4 minutes will be given to each screening officer in order to make their vacation choice. Once the 4 minutes have gone by, we will go to the next screening officer even though you have not finished your BID vacation choice. The BID will take place in the meeting room of the scheduling department (local T.3.955, 2nd floor, Tel.: (514) 636-9517). In the meantime, you can refer to the attached document for your appointment. Thank you.

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Schedules for SCC from 20 to 26 of February 5 2015


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i-Bid precisions


Do you know ...

To use the i-Bid, to view the disponible schedules, you don't need a user account ?

Indeed, simply select the "i-Bid" tool on the menu of your web page ""

The only part that is not available without having an account, is the portion "Taken Schedules" to see with whom you will work etc ...

For information please contact us via


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2014 Winter's Bid - EDX and/or CTX certified agents precision


All certified EDX and/or CTX agents, in the event that they do not choose a schedule requiring EDX and/or CTX agents, will have to choose a day in their schedule to work in the HBS room to maintain their certifications and EDX and/or CTX (16 hours per month per certification).

Because, previously, officers were transfered, at the begining of their shifts, to work their day at the HBS room, so it was agreed,in order to reduce as much as possible these transferts, that from now on, agents will choose themselves their workday at HBS room.

The union believes that this initiative is a just and fair way to be able to comply with these regulations, 16 hours per month per certifications.

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