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Variable schedukes from the 12 th to the 18 th of May 2017


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Rebid schedules NPS V


Posting – NPS-V Schedule

Hi everyone, Following the opening of the NPS-V station Foxtrot from January 10th 2017, we have to proceed with a new posting for the schedules, which means we have to do another BID. Indeed, the opening of this new station Foxtrot caused the creation of new lines, which also gave us the opportunity to upgrade the whole NPS-V schedules.

The new BID will take place on January 5th and 6th 2017, for an official go live on January 13th 2017. This BID only concerns NPS-V. * All the agents holding an NPS-V certification and who are not affected to a CTX schedule (9000, 5800, 9800 and EDX), will be contacted for this new BID. * Please note we have created mixed lines for the new NPS-V schedules. When the number of lines for a given gender (man or woman) will be equal to the number of agents remaining to choose their schedule for the same gender (man or woman), these agents won’t be able to select a mixed line.

Procedure :

The BID will take place in the conference room at the booking department (local T.3.955) on the second floor (telephone: 514.636.9517). Each agent will have on his turn, four (4) minutes to pick a schedule. Beyond this delay, we will go on to the next agent in the seniority list. In order to take note of your turn to pick a schedule, please refer to the available document for that purpose.

This schedule will be effective until the next BID in spring 2017, unless stated otherwise.


Message from Management STAS

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Rebid for NPSV


Hello everyone,


I hate to write this kind of post but unfortunately, I do not have any choice under the present circumstances. CATSA has decided to open a 4th station at the NPS-V on January 13, 2016. So there will be 4 stations+ NPSV mobile at all times. This opening means that the company must create 14 new NPS-V schedules.


 These schedules must be offered to everyone, therefore the result of this a re-bid for agents currently holding an NPS-V schedule. Once the re-bid is completed, vacant schedules will be offered by seniority to other NPS-V certified agents (except those currently holding an HBS schedule). If the number of voluntary agents to take these vacant schedules is not sufficient, the company risks once again, to force by inverted seniority.


 The company sent us a first version yesterday and a second version today. We will present both versions and see which is the most popular. I already know very well that the situation will not do the job of the majority of you and know that the union is far from being in agreement with the turn of the events!! So I would like the focus to be placed on the 2 suggested schedules.


You can of course send your opinions and suggestions but know that the company plans to post the new schedules tomorrow 28 December 2016 so the time is playing against us.
 Yes, once again CATSA places everybody in a delicate situation, given the unreasonable delays in notifying STAS of these major changes, which in turn has to do everything in a hurry to ensure that the deadlines are met and respect the delays proscribed for in collective agreement.
 Several questions have been asked to the company and still remain unanswered!!!
-We asked the company how it planned to do the round trip in 30 minutes. We already know that it is very tight with 3 stations, now with 4 it could become very problematic.
-We also asked the company if it would honor the shift give aways / shifts-trades already deposited since some of you are planning things in the coming weeks / months.
-We finally asked the company what it was planning to do with agents outside the country present (vacancy) to ensure that they are not penalized by this re-bid.
The union also believes that new schedules should be available to all NPS-V certified agents and not only to officers currently having an NPS-V schedule. We are still waiting for the company's response on this and a grievance will be filed if the company does not offered it to all members certified.
 The company plans to post the schedules on 28 December, proceed to the Bid on 5 and 6 January 2016 and start the new schedule on 13 January 2016.

***please clicon the link on the top of page to see schedules option 1 and 2****

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For the winter 2017 schedule bid, we will not have access to the program iBid as was the case in previous schedule bids. However, thanks to the initiative of one of your colleague Max Morissette we will be using a similar system that will allow you to see which schedules are still available as the bid progresses.

To access the document that will change with time, use the link below:!At2IMbmjZdDuh3CTp0LzS4UWQu3R

Please note that this document is a tool designed to help you make your choice of schedule, it is not the official version of the schedule. In the event of a dispute regarding the selection of a schedule, the paper version posted in the conference room will be the official version and used to settle the dispute.

We advise you to present yourself in person to the bid.

If ever you plan on using the the link mentioned above, we recommend that you try it in advance to be sure you have properly noted the link and are comfortable with the use of the document before it is time for you to select a schedule..
Do not hesitate to communicate with us if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you

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