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Mr Puffs Day


                      •JOURNÉE MR. PUFFS DAY•

30 novembre  2018

November 30th 2018

9H30 À/TO  17H30



A kiosk will be set up on the 2nd floor near the cafeteria near the STAS office. 


Boxes will be delivered to NPS-V. Boxes will also be left over for overnight members.


L’événement est financé par le Club Social et Sécuritas.


The event is financed by the Social Club and Securitas

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Women's Comittee

Here is the list of Membres :

  • Efstratios "Steve" Mandamadiotis - Lodge President - PM Schedule.
  • Mariana Vassilou - Responsible - PM Schedule.
  • Kris Calderon Moreno - PM Schedule.
  • Joanna Nannas - AM Schedule.
  • David Ouellette - AM Schedule.
  • Romida Ali - PM Schedule.
  • Bozena Rozmarynonska - PM Schedule.

Author : Efstratios Mandamadiotis
Categories :Committees, Status of Women,