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Notice for General Assembly Negotiation Committee


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Subject: Follow-up of the legal recourse in connection with the ministerial decrees on the vaccination obligation


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Winners Xmas party


Christmas Party Tirage Winners 🥳 Michel and myself had decided to go with smaller prizes to be able to choose more agents to win somethjng. Gift cards of 25$ (Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Petro Canada)

Isaac, La toya Lareault, Alexandre Magana, Jairo Jonathan Dorion, Marie Helene Trevisan, Cinzia Dusabe, Jacqueline Nehme, Madonna Laviola, Tiziana Ajayi, Oreoluwa Augustin, Pascale Gonzalez Cabal, Marlene Julien, Patrick Sooch, Amandeep Islam Wahidul, Rony Giove, Alfredo Karaoui, Sarah Djabri, Adel Erofeeva, Alexandra Kumar, Rajan Amato, Teresa Lapointe, Jean Philippe Hosseini, Babak Sheikh Anton, Alexandru Ahmed, Qazi Li, Jia Hong Nowluck, Nitaichand Mirza, Rumail Francoeur, Cedrick Tellier, Eric Starzyk, Danuta Lague, Simon Alexandre Grisales, Roberto Mughal, Amna Tarte-Tardif, Mathieu Zaremba, Tadeusz Joseph Milovan, Theodore Rodgers, Valentina Gil-Dale, Anna Maria Callochia, Marc Anthony Galley, Andrew Headphones Perman, Johan Chandi, Dilsherjit Auyeung, Sydney Grand Prize offered by the hall Limo ride for 6 people (2 hours) Reyes Aguirre, Jose Luis

If you have not yet claimed your prize, you may do so by coming to see Stephanie Vlahakis or Michel Jean at international. Congratulations to all the winners.

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Xmas Party


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Schedules 2021 2022


DATE: 2019-10-21
TO: All YUL Screening Officers
RE: Rules applicable to the schedule selection process (bid)
Long-term Medical Leaves

• An agent who will not be present for the first 3 months of a new schedule does not make a selection during the bid.
• Upon returning from a long-term absence, the officer may double a schedule line that would have been available to him/her during the bid, in accordance to his rank. Depending on the case, and the analysis, the position may be adapted to operational requirement (ex, NPST line chosen, but we can not have 3 SO at the secondary NPST, so it would be DI, while respecting the selected hours of work and days off).
• An agent who is on standby in the first 2-3 weeks of a new schedule and is absent for more than 3 months will be assigned a temporary schedule at PBS. When he returns, see the previous point.
Certifications - Forcing
• An agent who can not occupy a position for more than half of the duration of the schedule will not be able to select or be forced on a schedule requiring this certification.
• Forcing begins when the number of certified agents and the number of lines remaining with the given certification are equal.
• An agent must be able to accomplish all the tasks required by the position of the schedule line requiring an advanced certification for more than half the time of the schedule.
Behavior during the bid
• Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated during the schedule bid. If an agent contravenes this rule, they will be asked to leave, and they will be assigned the last remaining line of the schedule bid.
Schedule Selection
• One week before the bid, the scheduling department will post the schedule choices.
• Each agent has 4 minutes to make their selection and must be available/present for his assigned
time slot. If the agent is unavailable, the process will continue until the agent is available.
• Agents not at the airport must prepare their choices up to 30 minutes in advance of their allocated slot.
• The schedule bid is done in seniority order, according to the collective agreement.
Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd

Mandating someone to bid for you

• Bid mandates must be given to the scheduling department before schedule selection or it must be brought by the mandated employee. The form is available on MySTAS portal, or you can communicate with the scheduling department at:
Availability sheets for OT
• Agents who so wish may complete an availability sheet, copies of which will be available during the bid. Note that past availability sheets will be destroyed following the bid. The form is available on MySTAS portal
Legend for abbreviations during the bid
• Explanations of all abbreviations will be posted with the schedules. Procedures for punching in and out of SITT
• Employees who are liberated for the bid during their work hours must punch out of SITT. Updating personal information
• Forms for updating personal information will be made available to employees during the bid and employees are strongly encouraged to complete said forms.
• An agent with an accommodation for 3 months or more, or for 3 months with the possibility of renewal, will be given a schedule respecting his/her accommodation.
• If the agent has HBS or NPSV certification and can fill one of these positions despite the accommodation, the agent will be assigned a schedule with said certification (chosen or forced if necessary).
• The accommodation schedule will, as far as possible, be an integral part of the schedule as a whole, in order to respect the operational constraints.
Legal Obligation to Accommodate
Accommodations to employee schedules are legally obligatory and are the result of a rigorous process that is applied fairly to all employees who request accommodations.
It is important to note that the Company has a legal obligation to accommodate our employees who formulate such a request, provided that:
Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd

• the request is based on a legislated motive;
• the employee collaborations with the accommodation process and provides requested
justifications; and
• the accommodation requested does not constitute an undue hardship on the Company.

Accommodations and the Selection of Schedules
If the granted accommodation allows the employee to participate in the bid, we treat the accommodation as an advanced certification. That is to say, we let the bid take its normal course, while ensuring that there remains at least one schedule line that respects the limitations imposed by accommodation. The employee in question will not have the option of choosing a schedule that goes against the accommodation requested and granted.

If the granted accommodation does not allow the employee to participate in the bid, the employee is assigned a schedule that respects the limitations imposed by the accommodation and takes into consideration STAS's operational requirements and the employee's qualifications. These schedules are not part of the bid.

Schedule accommodations can be made on all work positions provided the employee holds the appropriate certifications (PBS-NPST, HBS-OSB, NPSV).
Three-Party Obligation

It is said that the accommodation process is a three-party obligation, as it imposes an obligation on the following three parties:

1. The employer must accommodate employees within the limits detailed above;

2. The employee must collaborate with the process and must accept a reasonable accommodation;

3.The employee group and the union that represents them must accept the fact that
accommodated employees may have access to certain working conditions which they could not normally have in accordance to the collective agreement and seniority alone. It is important to understand that legally, the obligation to accommodate trumps seniority.

*Note that allocated overtime, shift exchanges, and shift forfeits must respect the granted limitations, be it schedule wise or for physical limitations. In the contrary case, they will be automatically refused and an electronic form will be made available to you for approval for any derogation.

Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd

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