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Late break form 4h


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Collective Agreement 2018-2022


Collective Agreement 2018-2022

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Application form for pension benefits


Return Adress: 2360 De La Salle, Suite 202, Montreal, QC H1V 2L1 PHONE: (514) 526-8280 FAX: (514) 526-0537 EMAIL:

RE: Group Insurance – Enrolment, Employees of Securitas YUL Dear Sir or Madam, This concerns the group insurance plan to which you must subscribe through your employment with Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd.

When your probationary period ends, you must complete, sign and return the application form using the prepaid envelope as soon as possible. Under the Act of the Quebec drug insurance, any person who, because of an employment relationship and part of a group eligible for a group insurance contract with drug reimbursement, must mandatorily join the insurance group (and his dependents if any) and is not eligible for public RAMQ plan. It is your duty to notify the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ1 ) that you are now eligible for a private group insurance plan. You must specify the date your group coverage began (First working day). If the RAMQ has paid claimed drugs, it will send you an invoice that the insurer will reimburse you for eligible expenses. You will need to designate your beneficiary on this application. Failing to do so, the designation automatically will be «estate». Upon receipt of the document, all of your group insurance protections will be activated, and retroactive to your first day worked. You will receive your certificate by mail and will have to present it when you visit the pharmacy.

You will not have to send your claims by mail for drugs and dental expenses (if you qualify), because information will be transmitted directly to your insurer. For further information, please contact us or a representative of customer service of Industrial Alliance at 1 877 422-6487. Please accept our best regards.

Lucinda Luk Tong Encl. Insurance enrolment form TC Local 1976 – Steelworkers Pension enrolment form Tel : 514 526-8280, ext. 2034

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Form for pay errors



Please note that as of now, the procedure for payroll review has changed. You must now bring your pay slip and completed Request for Payroll Review Form to a SSM for verification. The operations department will proceed to the verification. You can find copies of the payroll review form in the operations’ office close to the checkpoints.

NB: We will be able to start the verification upon reception of both documents.

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Resolutions and update on conference in Las Vegas Nevada USW


Resume of The 2017 CONSTITUTINAL CONVENTION in Las Vegas NV.

April 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 - 2017

 I would like to begin by thanking the members, for the confidence and the opportunity that, has given us the chance to live this unique and enriching experience. The constitutional convention of the United Steelworkers union occurs every 3 years. It was the first time that your new local # 9554 was represented at this event. This was done by Jean Francois Coupal (your localpresident ) and Eric Tellier (executive guard and local delegate).

The main purpose of this congress is to hear outproposals, suggestions and resolutions made to the international council by members, locals, districts or the council itself. In order to discuss, debate and finally vote to accept or reject them. There was also an impressive line-up of special guests speakers such as;

• The Reverend Dr. William Barber II

• American Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

• The president and secretary general of Los Mineros, Napoleon Gomez

 Thomas Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Amongst others.

  There was also a large number of workshops available to all. Such as; Leadership, organization, health and safety at work, the new generation, etc. Not to mention the fundraising for different non-profit organization such as the humanitarian fund. This was done by donations or 50  50 lottery or even products sold withthe union trademark,  for example. Finally there were some social events organized for congress members such as performances by .38 special and the Blues Brothers to name only a few.

  Your delegates (Jean Francois and Eric) accompanied by the Michel Courcis your local’s permanent . Were on hand & striving to represent your interests and values during the 4 days of this congress and also brought back documentation that summarizes the daily activities of the congress as well as copies of the resolutions debated during the four days of the event. These are available at the union office, as well as on our website; AC.SO foranyone who would like to review them. Your delegates are always available to answer your questions.

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