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Dear Member:

The Trust Fund and Pension Plan were first established on May 1, 1993. The purpose of the Trust Fund and Pension Plan is to provide pension benefits for eligible employees of participating employers. The Trust Fund is managed by the Board of Trustees consisting of four (4) representatives appointed by the United Steelworkers TC Local 1976 (the “Union”). The duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Trustees are set forth in the Declaration of Trust which established the Fund.

This agreement and other Plan documents are available for your inspection at the office of the Administrator of the Plan. This booklet describes the pension benefits that are available to you and your spouse under the Pension Plan. The benefits are of great importance to you. Therefore, we urge you to read this booklet carefully and thoroughly

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By laws version 3


***By Laws***

-During the next assembly on the 30th and 31st of March 2017, the executive committee will present the texts for the Local's by-laws version 3 . During this assembly, members will be able to once again read them and discuss them. In addition, members will vote on the final text and approve/reject the By-Laws.

Local By-laws are a necessary step in the establishment of any union local. The by-laws are similar to the by-laws used in condo ownership committee. They are the rules and process by which things happen in the administration of the union.



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Insurance Booklet - Part Timers


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Insurance Booklet - Full Timers


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Budget Club Social 2016


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